Pretty dresses, poses and peas :)

I feel very guilty that I haven’t posted for a while, so here goes, a month summed up into one picture essay.

A few weeks ago, Madam was a bit under the weather. Typically, daddy was away so mommy dealt with it alone (go super mommyy!!). She had temperatures that were sitting at about 40 degrees for about 24 hours. She seemed to be coping just fine and was her usual happy self so I just kept her comfortable, used vinegar socks, skin-to-skin, lots of breastfeeding and a few cool baths to try and keep her temp under 41C. I suspected chicken pox as it is doing the rounds and the housekeeper at work has it and had been scratching like crazy for several days so Skye was well and truly exposed. Unfortunately, it turned out to be just tonsillitis. She seems to have made a full recovery 🙂

Convalescing on the couch 🙂

In the midst of all this, was Skye’s Christening. All the family from Durbs travelled up and we felt very blessed that they could join us.

Skye looked so cute in her dress, even though I was convinced I would never get it finished in time and that it wouldn’t be as perfect as I wanted to have it look. Gorgeous shoes made by Tarin from Cosy Creations .

With her daddy

Skye was not impressed with the minister and very loudly told him ‘NO’ when he asked her to go with him to the font. We did warn them! She was very excited about the present they gave her though, a little teddy, candle and a Bible.

Skye loves drawing, she loves it even more if I write the name of her drawing next the the picture and then take a photo of it, which she then asks to see, has a good look, nods as if to OK it and then hands it back so she can draw something else and so we go. I thought I’d share a few of her pictures with you 🙂





A lot of her drawings are done on her white board or on scraps of paper that might get lost so taking a photo of them is an easy way to save them digitally. I am trying to keep aside the nicest and stick them into a scrapbook but that’s not working so well because I keep forgetting to stick them in!

When she’s not drawing, Skye likes to sing and dance and do her own thing. Whilst I’m busy she will often dig out 6yr old’s ballet bag and dress up in ballet clothes


or I will hear her singing Ring a Rosies whilst she dances around the washing line with the dog

Ring a Rosies

and when she’s being silly, will climb into the guest bed at work and pretend to sleep

Pretend Sleep

She’s still loving the horses, not quite riding yet, but very happy to don a helmet (‘n hoed!) and sit on the horse behind 3yr old before the lesson starts.

Horse-sitting (not riding!)

We do ‘school’ a couple of times a week when we have a moment to ourselves and all the chores for work are done. Mum bought Skye a couple of stationery items which came in a lovely purple bag and we use them on a very regular basis. The white board is a favourite, not only to draw on but because she can rub it out. This has moved on to learning how to use an eraser for a pencil which is great fun at the moment.

White Board

We also started cutting this week, she gets very pleased with herself when she gets it right. I love that she doesn’t feel like she has to look to me for approval, but feels good about her efforts regardless of what I might say or do.

Proud of herself!

She also found a ruler and wanted to know “What this is?” so I showed her and since then she’s been practising drawing straight lines.

Ruler lines

Another fun activity at the moment is cleaning. A little spray bottle filled with water and an essential oil and a cloth and off she goes cleaning the house. Sometimes she gets a bit over enthusiastic and we end up with a puddle, but at least it smells good! And yes, she has also started dressing herself or at least choosing her own clothes.


I had to share this picture, because I’m pretty sure my mum has a picture of me laying out fish-fingers on a baking tray when I was just a little bit older than Skye is. Everything done with such consideration and concentration.

Fish fingers

And lastly (because it is such fun!), this morning whilst cleaning with vinegar and bicarb, Skye heard bubbles that sounded just like the bubbles in her daddy’s coke so she HAD to see. Which meant of course that I HAD to let her make some of her own. What fun it is to see those bubbles rush up and flow out of the cup! We did it over and over and over again. Science lesson at 7am. Love it!

Pouring vinegar into the bicarb

There they go!

And just because I can, this is what we picked out of the garden for supper tonight: purple dragon carrots, baby beetroot leaves, baby spinach, peas (Skye’s favourite!) and green peppers. Skye loves helping in the garden 🙂

Veggies from the garden