What Masterchef has taught my pre-schooler

Oh gosh, I have a pre-schooler now?!  Doesn’t feel like it, she’s still my baby 🙂 but she is more than a toddler.  Skye turned 3 in October, she’s growing up so fast!

She loves watching Masterchef, both the ‘big’ one and the Junior one.  Every day it seems she wants to re-watch an episode she’s watched before and I”m not too fussed because at least it’s not rubbish cartoons and it appears she’s learning some interesting lessons from watching.

1. Not everyone can win all the time.  Sometimes you can do your best but it’s not the best overall.  Sometimes you’re not the winner and have to leave the game.

2. Sometimes you need to work with people in order to get the job done, if you don’t work together properly the job doesn’t get done properly.

3. How to make Pavlova and Roast Gammon

4. Tasting new foods isn’t scary

5. How to fast forward, pause and rewind on the remote lol

6. How to count backwards from 10 🙂

And just for interests sake, she made us  a yummy pavlova, Skye style, with cream and astros and sprinkles instead of fruit lol


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