What we’ve been up to

Things have been really busy lately and whilst I have so many ideas rushing around my head, I’m just battling to find time to get them written down. There always seems to be something else that just has to be done…dishes, gardening, laundry, building blocks, dancing in the lounge, painting, hugging, cuddles and milkies…

In between all of this, we’ve been cleaning

Falling asleep on mommy

Cuddling with the cat

Doing homework (she wants to do homework when 7yr old does homework)

Getting late Christmas presents in the post (yay!!!)

Doing ballet (not classes, just fun we usually dance around the lounge)

Playing in baskets full of balls

Eating vitamins and sharing them with the doll

Just looking cute πŸ™‚

Baking biscuits / cookies for valentines day

Learning to set the table

And monkeying around

Skye is growing up so fast. She is daddy’s little girl, daddy can do no wrong lol but mommy is still good for miklies. Even at night she will climb over me and snuggle up next to her daddy to sleep πŸ™‚


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