A few weeks ago, it snowed in Pretoria. We were at horse-riding and Brendon phoned to say there was snow where he was in Joburg and then the sky got darker and darker and suddenly there was snow! Skye was not at all impressed because it was quite windy and she didn’t like the flakes blowing in her face.

Dark clouds

Flakes in Skye’s hair

Unhappy baby šŸ˜¦

Skye loves books, so we’re starting with a ‘curriculum’ called “Five In A Row” just to get ourselves into a routine and have some structure to our day. Mom (Nan) got us a huge box of books to go with our activities šŸ™‚

Skye loves building blocks. She likes building towers šŸ™‚

I take a basket of activities and books to work with me every day but we left it at home for the last few weeks and played a lot more with the toys at work and did more gross motor activities etc. This past week the basket has been coming to work again and Skye dug out some old favourites:

She matched these all by herself!

Puzzles are always fun

When we drop 6yr old at ballet we have to sit outside and wait. Skye has lately started telling me how she wants to go and dance inside. She prances around outside when she hears the music and has been practising pointing her toes. Last week we were very early and snuck inside for a bit. Skye decided to warm up and stretch with the big girls šŸ™‚

And sometimes my baby girl lets me brush her hair and put it in clips and a pony. Doesn’t last long!


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