Ballet skirts and lots of shoes

Skye is growing up so fast. She is a real little girl now. She runs and tries to jump (sometimes leaves the ground, usually doesn’t!), she plays, feeds her dolls ‘milkies’ and carries them on her back African style and gets jealous if mommy gives the dolls ‘milkies’. I think we need to buy her a jungle gym for Christmas, she is oh so confident climbing (even on the wobbly bridges). A few weeks ago, we went to fetch 6yr old from a party and Skye and 3yr old spent an hour playing on the jungle gyms there. Was nice to see her just happily running around.

She recently got a pram for her dollies and daddy got suckered into buying a dolly with a potty as well. Dolly gets to go potty every time Skye goes. She LOVES her new pram.

My child has a fascination with shoes! She won’t wear hers, but she will wear shoes several sizes too big. She recently got some hand-me-down shoes, they’re 2 – 3 sizes too big, she LOVES them! Silly child can even walk in them very confidently lol!

Her favourite at the moment are “special water boots”

She’s also developed a love of dancing, especially when we’re waiting at ballet for 6yr. Last week she put on 6yr’s ballet skirt. We’re not usually allowed in the studio when we drop 6yr off, but this time I needed to talk to the teacher and Skye was in her element: ballet skirt, in the studio and other little girls in pink. I had to chase her and carry her out the studio. She kept trying to get back in, but I managed to convince her to dance outside with me 🙂

We recently acquired 2 rabbits. Skye loves them! They are called Flopsy and Mopsy (I’m sure we’re going to end up with Peter and Cotton Tail too!) Skye likes to hold them and she’s so gentle, shusshing the baby when he’s (or she’s, we’re not sure yet) scared. She also feeds them and every day we have to go and visit the bunnies.

We’ve been doing some ‘accidental maths’ in the past few weeks. Skye has been learning to count with daddy (she is very confident to 10, although has a weird obsession with ignoring prime numbers of 3 and 7); we build a lot with blocks, making high towers and hollow towers; building with pegs and starting to make patterns and also finding patterns and shapes and numbers in our environment.

Comparing sizes

Learning about volumes (and that glass doesn’t bounce)

Shapes – made a square from teabags 🙂

Walking sideways

I have a whole week off next week, I’m really looking forward to having some time of just Skye and I, no other kids to worry about, no interrupting naps to do the school run, no sitting in the sun (or rain!) waiting for kids to finish activities. And time to clean house and organise things. It’s been a wonderful 3-day weekend, I could get used to it!


Glasses, bunnies and a train to see Nan!

This past week has felt like winter again! The rain has been LOVELY and very welcome for my garden (especially the grass). I refuse to water plants much, especially those that are just for ‘pretty’. If they can’t survive, then they must go. It seems like they have all survived. My veggies are starting to grow nicely, but so are the weeds. Unfortunately I need the veggies to grow a bit bigger before I can start taking out many of the weeds. I’m also in the process of moving a lot of plants into containers because I’m trying to be very positive that we’re going to find our dream home soon and I will want to take as many as my plants with me as possible. My squash (gems, butternut, melons) have mostly sprouted in their egg-box germinating tray. Skye greets them every day ‘Hello plants’. I’m convinced that’s why they grow so nicely 🙂 Peas are doing well, Skye eats most of them straight off the plant and then throws the pod back into the veggie garden to decompose (clever child that!)

Along with all the rain, came puddles! I needed to go outside and Moo did not want to stay inside alone, so I dug out a pair of gumboots given to her which are several shoe sizes too big. They sort of fitted! She still refused to walk in the puddles, until I told her they were ‘special water boots’. Then she couldn’t get enough! Every day she has to wear her ‘special water boots’. Our garden flooded a bit because the ground is so hard after a very dry winter.

The other day she was just refusing to sleep, so eventually at 8pm(!!!) she and I were in he kitchen trying a new recipe for wheat and dairy free crumpets. Did not go down well. Yuk. But moo enjoyed cutting up some fruit for the crumpets and then mixing batter and buttering crumpets (but not eating them)

Cutting (yes, with a real knife)


Eating (or not!)

I just have to share this photo of moo showing off. I have no idea where she got the idea to wear them ON her head, I don’t even own sunglasses,must have seen her daddy do it!

Two very exciting things happened this week. Firstly, daddy came home with 2 bunnies for moo. We have named them Flopsy and Mopsy (for the un-educated, this is from Peter Rabbit). Initially they lived in our bathroom as we got them midweek, but they are now happily living with our chickens. I have made them a little hidey hole out of some discarded pipe my gardener found a while ago and our old kitty scratching post I made a few years ago.

This is Mopsy, she is really friendly.

Flopsy – Flopsy could be he or she, we will find out I’m sure. She’s still tiny and a bit floppy so she fit’s her name!

Mopsy exploring her new home

2nd excitement of the week was going on the Gautrain to see Nan in Sandton. My mum flew up for an expo, so Skye and I caught the train to meet her there. The train was fun, very fast and Skye chattered non-stop the entire way!

Daddy finished work a bit early, so he came to fetch us and we dropped Nan at the airport. Was lovely to see her again.

All in all it’s bee an eventful week. Skye loves her new bunnies, all the bunny poo is now OUT of my bathroom and she’s fast asleep.


A few weeks ago, it snowed in Pretoria. We were at horse-riding and Brendon phoned to say there was snow where he was in Joburg and then the sky got darker and darker and suddenly there was snow! Skye was not at all impressed because it was quite windy and she didn’t like the flakes blowing in her face.

Dark clouds

Flakes in Skye’s hair

Unhappy baby 😦

Skye loves books, so we’re starting with a ‘curriculum’ called “Five In A Row” just to get ourselves into a routine and have some structure to our day. Mom (Nan) got us a huge box of books to go with our activities 🙂

Skye loves building blocks. She likes building towers 🙂

I take a basket of activities and books to work with me every day but we left it at home for the last few weeks and played a lot more with the toys at work and did more gross motor activities etc. This past week the basket has been coming to work again and Skye dug out some old favourites:

She matched these all by herself!

Puzzles are always fun

When we drop 6yr old at ballet we have to sit outside and wait. Skye has lately started telling me how she wants to go and dance inside. She prances around outside when she hears the music and has been practising pointing her toes. Last week we were very early and snuck inside for a bit. Skye decided to warm up and stretch with the big girls 🙂

And sometimes my baby girl lets me brush her hair and put it in clips and a pony. Doesn’t last long!

It’s been ages!

Been a while since I last posted. Every week I think about it, then the weekend is upon us and things get crazy and suddenly it’s Monday morning and I haven’t done it. So, it is now Sunday evening and I am going to post 🙂

My little girl is growing up so fast! She loves to run around, walk on her toes, jump, go ‘craaaazy’ and shake her head around, give her dolly milkies, build puzzles and towers out of blocks, red books…she’s busy!

About a month ago, we went to the Drakensberg to meet up with almost all the family for long weekend in the middle of nowhere. It was lovely. Freezing cold. On our last day there it was -6 degrees celcius when we woke up and typically Skye didn’t want to wear clothes!

Playing soccer with daddy

Daddy went to Lesotho and got Skye a little hat 🙂

Sitting with grandpa

Playing buttons with Nan


Skye loves helping out. I let her help me with many things around the house. Every time she eats something, she wants to put it in the dishwasher or the sink. Every time she messes, she asks for a lappie or a cloth to clean it up. I found her cleaning the shower the other day 🙂

And this picture I just had to share 🙂 Madam always likes to snuggle whilst sleeping.