Excema is awful

My poor nunu is really battling with excema at the moment. I feel awful that she’s got this from me, but we can’t change tat so just got to deal with it. I took Skye to visit a homeopath last week because all the conventional doctors are just pushing cortisone creams at us and I want to avoid that. As a result of the homeopath visit, Skye (and I because we’re still breastfeeding) have to eliminate wheat, dairy and sugar from our diets. Skye already drinks rice milk so that’s not hard, but she LOVES cheese! She also enjoys tst with butter on, but that’s just so she can pick the butter off and eat it lol!!!
This is a picture of one of her legs. These little patches are about the size of a R5 coin and are one her legs, bottom, arms and even cheeks. The creams and meds from the homeopath do seem to be helping as several have started clearing up.

BUT, before we started our diet, I made mini milk tarts which Moo enjoyed.

And fruit salad (and chicken ala king!) with cream

Someone asked me AGES ago about how we arrange / store Skye’s toys and activities. I have several shelves for her around the house. Only 1 is actually a shelf. The others are stacked boxes and low coffee tables. What’s not being used is packed away in boxes.

By setting everything out this way and rotating on a monthly basis, Skye can pick and choose what she wants to play with at any time and 90% of the time she puts it away before she chooses something else. I find that if she’s been around my charges for any length of time (like during these holidays), she gets a bit more destructive and forgets to pack away.

At horse-riding the other day we visited the goats (doats!). Skye fed them her (wheat free) sandwich.

Isn’t she looking so big?! I can’t believe she will be 2 years old in 3 months time.

Such a flexible baby! This is her favourite position at the moment 🙂

I laughed yesterday. We were at the shop collecting a few things for a toddler busy bag swap I’m part of and Moo decided she needed a basket too. Into her basket went a bag of marbles and a small step stool and she pushed her basket around the shop very chuffed with herself.

She’s still loving her buttons and since we keep pointing out the colours of her buttons, she is now noticing colour EVERYWHERE. She also notices letters in her environment and counts 2 of everything as well as remembering several shapes (even if she can’t name them she can show you where the they are if you ask). She will ask for the ‘yellow crayon’ or the ‘red bowl’ or tell you ‘Tigger’ gleefully pointing to a ‘T’ she has seen. She sings “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”, but her version goes “Up a sky, up a sky, up a sky, up a sky”. She picks up words so fast now, I forget how many she’s learnt!

I was reading book to her this morning and she had to find the ladybug on every page and excepting for 1 page, she found it every time. She’s very clear in what she wants to eat and drink, will even go and get the bowl and try to pour her own cereal or pap and once she’s finished she HAS to put it in the wash.

Such a fun age!

I’m not going to list her words this week, there are so many new ones, she picks up a word after you’ve said it once, maybe twice and then uses it accurately.


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