A visit from Nan

This past week was the middle week of the school holidays. The girls are used to their ‘new’ routine of waking up late, not rushing through breakfast, taking things slow etc. I enjoy it too πŸ™‚

Our box of soap making ingredients arrived! We collected it on Tuesday morning and unpacked it with great delight. All sorts of things: shea butter, citric acid, glycerine soap, fragrances, colouring, soap moulds, containers etc. The girls were VERY excited to get started so we decided to start with something simple: lip-gloss. We had bought some lip-gloss bottles to which we added liquid glycerine, edible glitter (for sparkle and colour), a drop of stevia liquid (for sweetness) and a few drops of candy flavouring and mix. The girls LOVED it. Skye was just interested in opening and closing the bottle πŸ˜€

Later on, we experimented with glycerine soap. This is really easy: melt, add colour and fragrance, pour into moulds and allow to set. I used bigger rectangular moulds for the older girl and Skye got little heart shape ones (easier for little hands to hold). We played around with colours and adding blocks of one colour to clear soap etc.

Our box also contained liquid soap to which we added colour, fragrance (and glitter!) to make our own body wash.

Everything done in small amounts and little bottles perfect for little people.

Another easy recipe was bath salts. We used Epsom salts as they are beneficial to the body and provide a source of magnesium. Each girl got a bowl of salt to which they added colour and fragrance and then stirred to mix then spooned into a little container for use later. We had also bought some empty tea bags and gelatin capsules which they filled with the salts to make bath ‘tea’ and bath ‘pills’. Great for fine-motor co-ords – even Skye was managing to fill the tiny little capsules.

We also made a lip balm by melting together beeswax and coconut oil (and glitter for those who like sparkles!). Smells yummy and I’m not concerned it they eat it!

Next week we’ll be making our own body butter using shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil. Takes a bit more time, but now that the girls have got the idea bout mixing and pouring and melting it should go well.

My boss’s house is immaculate, so when I want to do messy play with the girl they come to my house. Last week we made our own chalk. It turned out beautifully so I let the girls go wild decorating my driveway.
Line toilet roll tubes with wax wrap and seal one side with tape. Place on a foil covered baking tray. In a disposable container mix 1 cup plaster of paris, 2 – 3 Tablespoons powder paint and about 100ml water (should make a thick but pourable consistency). Pour into tubes and allow to set. We made 8 colours, 3 tubes each, and used about 1.5kg plaster of paris. After a few hours the chalk has set enough to remove from the tubes, but leave the wax wrap on. Leave for a further 2 – 3 days to thoroughly set.

We also did painting on canvas so we can save them and hang them up to admire. The grass looked beautiful afterwards!

And everyone decided they wanted to ‘swim’ in the clam hell pool so got full of mud and grass!

Of course all this fun, the girls were cold and filthy so needed a bath. The older girls get a bit over-excited in the bath, so I used Skye’s Baby Dam in the bath to separate them. Not exactly how it is supposed to be used, but worked fantastically.

Makro had a sale on their Lego, so I took the girls and got them each a small box of Lego. I was hoping that it would encourage them to use their imaginations a bit. Skye wanted smaller piece Lego, instead of Duplo blocks so I got her some, and she played with it, but I have since packed it away for later this year.

Whilst playing with the Lego, Skye saw a curiously shaped blocked and proudly claimed that it was for ‘Daddy’. Such a clever little monkey, recognising shapes of letters.

She is also trying to draw / write letters and often writes what could very easily pass as a ‘m’ and tells us it is for mommy.

On Saturday, whilst I was busy with dinner, I sat Skye in her highchair and offered her a baking tray covered with coloured (pink), fragranced (lavender) salt. I got the idea from ‘The Imagination Tree’. She loved it. Initially just playing with her fingers, making hand impressions, tracing shapes with her fingers. I then offered her a little bowl and spoon and a little while after that, an empty spice jar. She played with the salt for just over an hour.

I had to add these two photo’s in:
This one – even though it is winter, Skye likes being naked. Sometimes I can persuade her to wear underwear and socks.

And this one – she’s learnt how to cross her arms πŸ™‚

This has certainly been an eventful week!
I have been looking forward to this weekend for about 2 months now πŸ™‚ My mom (Skye’s Nan) came to Gauteng to attend a course in Johannesburg and stayed with us for the weekend. She arrived on Friday afternoon and got to meet my 2 charges. Although she was on course all day Saturday and Sunday, we did at least get to spend some time together in the evenings and this morning before she left. Didn’t take any pictures though 😦 but since we will see each-other in about 3 weeks, hopefully we will remember to take lots of pictures then!

This morning, just after Nan had left, Skye wanted to play with her buttons. I gave her a muffin pan and showed her how to sort one colour per bowl. She then matched the colours for the rest of the buttons.

Things Skye says (this weeks new words in bold):

Signs: hello, bye, bird, cat, dog, bunny, elephant, giraffe, airplane, β€˜I Love You’, more, please, food, fish, milk, wee, stir, sleep, gone, hot, cold, horse, kangaroo, salt, please, stir, ball, jump, heart, star, ball, bowl, gnome (we watched Gnomeo and Juliet)

Words:dog (wahwah), Skye, daddy, mommy, chair, no, up (upf), wee, wow (poo), woah (when she nearly falls), juice, there (dere), toes, ow, oh-oh, hauw (when something strange/funny happens), tato (potato), eyes, ear, hair, doe-does (sleep), nummy (dummy), ta-too (thank-you), pizza, away, mielie, sweetie (fweetie), stout (naughty), uit, buite, out, shoes, bed, perd (horse), away, beep beep (when she needs someone or something out of her way, myne (mine), hoed (hat) (usually in reference to a bicycle / horse riding helmet), bye, huis(house), yiyo(Milo). dankie (thank-you), Ria *Maria – domestic worker at work), play, pap, bowl, pasta, peas, fire, Tigger, β€œThere you are”, out, star, cook, bag, spoon, eina (after her fall), dankie (thank-you), open, oop, work (she says β€˜ork’), woof, bite, eat, eating, mama, papa,bowl, ball, bright, plate, wipe, wait, pants, panties, bone, home, wash, boude (bum), poef (poo), poep(pass wind) – those last 3 thanks to my charges!), Jana, balloon, go, cut, help (when she needs help or offers to help you), very, ja (Afrikaans for yes), Nan, red, blue, white, orange, yellow, green, pink, lilac

She’s also stringing many words together such as ‘Mommy play buttons’ and ‘wah-wah eina’ if the dog hurts her and so on. It’s fun having a conversation with her πŸ™‚

See you next week!


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