Buttons and circles

Last weekend at the craft shop, we bought some buttons. Moo has been having so much fun with them that we went back and bought her a whole lot more! She now has a jar with 2 different size buttons that she loves emptying out and sorting. She can point out the red and blue buttons and sometimes gets blue, yellow and white correct. We also bought some shaped buttons and her favourites are heart and star. I got a little plastic box that is divided into sections and Skye sorts her buttons into groups as she see’s fit.

Matching her buttons to her circle puzzle. Yes, they’re not all right, but she tries to figure it out on her own and I’m willing to let her figure it out for herself; she’ll remember it better later on.

This past week, I was sick 😦 so Skye and I spent some time at home. She LOVES Tigger! Poor cat, he’s constantly getting called and chased and hugged. She will ask “Tigger?” then go wandering off and I’ll hear a “There you are Tigger”, usually followed by a muffled ‘meow’ or protest when he gets a hug that just about squashes him into the floor! But she is quite gentle, so I’m not worried, Tigger is just old and cold and moans a lot!

She also loves the dogs, although Shrekie is a bit bouncy and unpredictable, Scruffy is a bit better suited size-wise. She likes helping to make their food and giving them treats.

Back at work, the girls are on school holidays. We’re keeping busy doing all sorts of things:
Making our own playdough

Playing with water balloons (and trying to wet Tannie Sarah!)

Going shopping for supplies (I think driving lessons are in order!)


Eating ice-cream!

and finishing mommy’s ice-cream too

Playing with giant balls of ice (we froze water filled balloons)

We’ve also been doing a lot of drawing! I think Skye has inherited a talent for art from my Pops. This week she drew a bird, totally unprompted, then told me so using sign language. She then added a worm. Since then there’s been LOTS of birds and worms drawn in this house!

On Saturday, the weather outside was beautiful even though indoors it was chilly, so we went for a walk. Skye just wants to be ‘buite’ (outside).

When we got home from our walk, Skye wanted to dig, so since my plants are clearly not growing in their make-shift planter, I let her dig away.

This morning, when I got stuck into tidying up our guest room in readiness for a visit from my mom next weekend, Skye found a box of activities that I was storing there and decided that the peg board needed airing.

I usually let Skye choose her own meals (within reason!) most of the time and today she chose pasta, peas and pineapple. Lately all she’s been wanting to eat is ‘honey pap’ (Pronutro with honey on top).

So all in all, we’ve had a busy week!

Things Skye says (this weeks new words in bold):

Signs: hello, bye, bird, cat, dog, bunny, elephant, giraffe, airplane, ‘I Love You’, more, please, food, fish, milk, wee, stir, sleep, gone, hot, cold, horse, kangaroo, salt, please, stir, ball, jump, heart, star, ball, bowl

Words:dog (wahwah), Skye, daddy, mommy, chair, no, up (upf), wee, wow (poo), woah (when she nearly falls), juice, there (dere), toes, ow, oh-oh, hauw (when something strange/funny happens), tato (potato), eyes, ear, hair, doe-does (sleep), nummy (dummy), ta-too (thank-you), pizza, away, mielie, sweetie (fweetie), stout (naughty), uit, buite, out, shoes, bed, perd (horse), away, beep beep (when she needs someone or something out of her way, myne (mine), hoed (hat) (usually in reference to a bicycle / horse riding helmet), bye, huis(house), yiyo(Milo). dankie (thank-you), Ria *Maria – domestic worker at work), play, pap, bowl, pasta, peas, fire, Tigger, “There you are”, out, star, cook, bag, spoon, eina (after her fall), dankie (thank-you), open, oop, work (she says ‘ork’), woof, bite, eat, eating, mama, papa,bowl, ball, bright, plate, wipe, wait, pants, panties, bone, home, wash, boude (bum), poef (poo), poep(pass wind) – those last 3 thanks to my charges!), Jana


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