Growing up :)

Sorry this is a few days late…Saturday and Sunday we were very busy!

Skye is growing up so fast at the moment. It feels like every week she has changed in some little way, on to becoming her own little person. She enjoys dressing herself, at the moment it’s almost the only way I can get clothes on her. She tells me ‘Skye, Skye’ when she knows she has to get dressed, she wants to do it al herself πŸ™‚ She’s pretty good at it too. AND, it has encouraged the 3yr old at work to try start dressing herself too.

She’s also loving food, I think the cold is helping a bit. She LOVES mince and chicken ala king. All she ate last week was porridge in the mornings and mince for lunch and dinner! She loves rice (just like daddy) and I found some rice and corn pasta the other day which she likes too. She’s not a bit fan of ‘normal’ pasta.

3yr old, Skye and I went to Plantland after school one day. They were so excited to play in the sand and on the equipment. Skye was especially excited to be riding the ‘horse’ πŸ™‚

I really need to get her a jungle gym. She loves climbing. On Monday, she was climbing on and off the couch and inevitably she fell off. Tuesday her arm was still very sore so it was off to x-rays which was a nightmare. X-ray showed no fractures.

We went shopping the other day and Skye loves pushing the trolley. This time, there were little trolleys which she LOVED!

She’s still so tiny!

We did puzzles on Saturday…Skye takes the circles out, then in again, counts them, then she turned the base over and put the circles on the bottom πŸ™‚

Skye loves being ‘buite’ (outside!). She will fetch her chalk and tell me ‘buite’ and we go outside and draw all over the paving in the sun. It’s lovely and warm if the sun is shining!


I found a recipe online for ‘moon-dough’. Basically, it’s playdough with the texture of sand. Skye and I enjoyed playing with it. I enjoyed moulding it and Skye enjoyed letting it run through her fingers onto the floor πŸ™‚

Recipe: 8 Cups flour, 1 Cup baby oil. Mix. Adjust ingredients as needed.

I used 2 cups of flour and a third of olive oil and 2 drop lavender essence because we don’t have baby oil. Worked just as well.

Her favourite place at the moment is the bed. She’s always asking to go to ‘bed’. I think it’s mostly because Tigger is there and she loves terrorising playing with him.

And of course, any box / drawer of ‘stuff’ is great fun. Skye spent about 45 minutes looking at everything in my drawer. She loves any sort of box filled with ‘treasures’ that she can explore.

On Sunday we were at the shops to get a few things for work. We popped in at the craft shop. Skye walked around looking at everything on offer. She takes things off the shelves, looks at them, handles them gently then put them away when she’s finished. Some times she takes a bit of reminding to put it away nicely. One of the things she loved was a big jar full of buttons. She spent age just running them through her fingers, pushing her hands right to the bottom, picking them up to inspect more closely. She was having such fun, I really didn’t want to disturb her. Then, a mom with a 3 or 4 yr old came past. The child was so excited to see the buttons too, but she wasn’t allowed to touch and I felt a bit bad that Skye was playing with them so we bought a few to bring home and play with. Skye loves packing them in and out of the little container and making little piles of them.

She’s talking so much now. She likes telling me things like ‘daddy work’ or ‘daddy home’ IN fact she tells me that ‘Skye work’ when we’re on our way to the girls πŸ™‚ And she’s forever chatting to herself as she plays.

Things Skye says (this weeks new words in bold):

Signs: hello, bye, bird, cat, dog, bunny, elephant, giraffe, airplane, β€˜I Love You’, more, please, food, fish, milk, wee, stir, sleep, gone, hot, cold, horse, kangaroo, salt, please, stir, ball, jump, heart, star, ball, bowl

Words:dog (wahwah), Skye, daddy, mommy, chair, no, up (upf), wee, wow (poo), woah (when she nearly falls), juice, there (dere), toes, ow, oh-oh, hauw (when something strange/funny happens), tato (potato), eyes, ear, hair, doe-does (sleep), nummy (dummy), ta-too (thank-you), pizza, away, mielie, sweetie (fweetie), stout (naughty), uit, buite, out, shoes, bed, perd (horse), away, beep beep (when she needs someone or something out of her way, myne (mine), hoed (hat) (usually in reference to a bicycle / horse riding helmet), bye, huis(house), yiyo(Milo). dankie (thank-you), Ria *Maria – domestic worker at work), play, pap, bowl, pasta, peas, fire, Tigger, β€œThere you are”, out, star, cook, bag, spoon, eina (after her fall), dankie (thank-you), open, oop, work (she says ‘ork’), woof, bite, eat, eating, mama, papa,bowl, ball, bright, plate, wipe, wait, pants, panties, bone, home

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ See you next week!


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