Talking tot

Is it bad that I can’t actually remember what we did this week?! I hardly took any photo’s so can’t even look back to see what was going on!

Since it was the first full week of the new month, I had a big grocery shop to do for work so that took up most of our Monday morning.

Tuesday Skye helped me to make supper. We made a marinade for pork chops and she tasted the mustard. She pulled a funny face, but asked for more!

On Wednesday after fetch 6yr old from school, we went to the shops, only to be parked in. It was not easy getting kids in the car at all. I do sometimes wonder if people have any common sense?

Also on Wednesday, I took 6yr old to her extra lessons and whilst we waited the 3yr old and Skye ran around like lunatics and scared off a little boy who decided that 2 ‘dogtertjies’ was just too much too handle! They played in the dirt, ran around, played with the 3yr olds music box, drew in my diary.

And Skye signed ‘I Love You’ and I managed to get it on camera!

On Friday, Skye and I went to see a house that’s for sale. It’s in a Country Estate, but really is just a fancy name for a group of small holdings / plots fenced in together. It is how I imagined raising my child. The house itself is not fancy. It’s plain, simple, sturdy and functional, but the land! There’s a hectare (10 000 square meters) of land belonging to the house. About 1000 square meters is grassed with lawn grass and the rest is wild grass. There’s just space and more space. There’s dirt roads and the smell of outside. You can have chickens, horses, bunnies..anything except pigs! It’s a farm,but it’s not a farm. But, we cannot afford it. One day though!

As usual, Friday is horse-riding for the girls after school. This usually takes up the entire afternoon and we get home dirty and tired, but Skye does love the horses. My boss surprised me by giving me the afternoon off. So Skye and I headed home but on the way made a detour to buy crickets for the chickens and some frost cover for the veggies. Good thing too because it got down to below freezing on Friday night! Skye thought it hilarious that the plants went ‘do-does’ with their blankets!

When we got home, we swept and mopped the house 🙂

One thing I did notice is that Skye’s vocab has just suddenly taken off. She repeats everything we says regardless of language. Her first phrase this week was ‘wah-wah uit!’ (dogs out!)

Things Skye says (this weeks new words in bold):

Signs: hello, bye, bird, cat, dog, bunny, elephant, giraffe, airplane, ‘I Love You’, more, please, food, fish, milk, wee, stir, sleep, gone, hot, cold, horse, kangaroo, salt, please

Words:dog (wahwah), Skye, daddy, mommy, chair, no, up (upf), wee, wow (poo), woah (when she nearly falls), juice, there (dere), toes, ow, oh-oh, hauw (when something strange/funny happens), tato (potato), eyes, ear, hair, doe-does (sleep), nummy (dummy), ta-too (thank-you), pizza, away, mielie, sweetie (fweetie), stout (naughty), uit, buite, out, shoes, bed, perd (horse), away, beep beep (when she needs someone or something out of her way, myne (mine), hoed (hat) (usually in reference to a bicycle / horse riding helmet) (I’m sure there are more, I’ll update as I remember!)


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