Bug Hunt

This week, J(3yrs) has been home from school, sick again.  poor kid has so many ear infections.  I wish I could have her home permanently, but her parents don’t like that idea.  So, I take all opportunities with her at home and use them to my advantage to do lots of fun things  🙂  But that also means that I don’t have much time to do specific activities with Moo as J does not listen and uses the equipment incorrectly and I don’t want Moo learning to use them incorrectly.

Monday as usual was menu planning and grocery shopping day.  I am surprised at home many people think that grocery shopping with kids is difficult!  I will easily take all 3 girls with me – they’re very useful!  of course, Monday is my busiest day, and it would be Monday that J(6yr old) comes home from school that she needs picnic stuff for school the next day, so off to the shop we go again!  The car guards know me very well now!

Since 6yr old was having a picnic at school, we decided to have a picnic at home in the sun.  It was fun 🙂

We also went on  bug hunt.  I gave each girl a little see-through jar and we marched around staring intently at the floor.  All we could find was ants, and one shiny green bug, but he was ‘boring’ according to ‘J’ because it didn’t run around.

On Tuesday, whilst J was napping, Moo helped me to make chicken ala king  for supper.  It must have tasted good because she kept wanting to eat it!

My recipe:

Chicken meat cut into cubes. Roll in seasoned flour.  In some olive oil / butter, fry some onion and red/green peppers (and mushrooms if wanted) until soft.  Remove.  Add more oil/butter if needed and fry chicken until nicely browned.  Add onion mix to the meat.  Add chicken or veg stock and stir well to scrape all the yummy bits off the bottom of the pan. Stir occasionally whilst simmering until the sauce thickens a bit.  Add optional cream just before serving and stir in.

One of Moo’s favourite activities to do is to re-arrange the mugs in the kitchen cupboard.  She takes them all out, and puts them back in an order that she likes 🙂 Then she carries on with where ever she was on her way to 🙂

Thursdays we have to take J to ballet and that means a 45 minute wait for us.  I make sure to pack something to do.  This week was colouring.  Moo really enjoys colouring.  This is such a ‘big girl’ pose!

After an exhausting morning’s play, the girls usually fall asleep by 11 ish, but on Fridays, I have to try and get them asleep by 10:30am so I can wake them in time to go to horse-riding.  This Friday, the girls fell asleep late, but holding on to each-other – very cute 🙂

This Saturday, we organised the fridge and freezer and then Moo helped me to clean and re-organise the pantry cupboard.  Moo decided she wanted to play with the hanging cutlery and spent nearly half an hour taking everything off and putting them all back on again.  She learnt that if she puts everything on one side, it falls over so she needs to balance them on either side as she goes.  She’s not yet matching the cutlery together, I thought I would just see how she goes with getting them on and off the hanging thingy and she manages quite well and looks very pleased with herself when she gets them all on or off.

And when we were cleaning out the freezer, we found some frozen expressed breastmilk from when Moo was tiny which she thought tasted quite yummy frozen!

Today, we went to church this morning which was lovely even though everyone was commenting on the fact that Moo wasn’t wearing shoes!  I try, I do!  She pulls them off as soon as she has a chance!  And her feet are so fat that she has to wear shoes that go on and off easily 😀

Things Skye says (this weeks new words in bold):

Signs: hello, bye, bird, cat, dog, bunny, elephant, giraffe, airplane, ‘I Love You’, more, please, food, fish, milk, wee, stir, sleep, gone, hot, cold, horse, kangaroo, salt

Words:dog (wahwah), Skye, daddy, mommy, chair, no, up (upf), wee, wow (poo), woah (when she nearly falls), juice, there (dere), toes, ow, oh-oh, hauw (when something strange/funny happens), tato (potato), eyes, ear, hair, doe-does (sleep), nummy (dummy), ta-too (thank-you), pizza, away, mielie, sweetie (fweetie)

And that’s our week 🙂


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