Sick :(

This week, Moo has been sick.  She got ill from J, the 3yr old I look after.  Last week Sunday she looked awful and I wasn’t feeling too great, so I took the Monday off much to my boss’s disgust!

This is her on the Friday she got ill:

All bundled up to brave the cold front which hit us on Monday

We’ve been working on Montessori style activties lately.  I set out several activities / toys on the bench table we have in the lounge and she is free to help herself to an activity and then pack it away afterwards.  Being on the bench, neatly set out makes everything easily self-accessible, easy to see and easy to pack away.  I also have 1 cupboard in the kitchen locked, the rest are fair game to her and in amongst my baking stuff is her baking stuff, her plastics in the main plastic cupboard, the bottom 3 drawers full of child safe utensils etc so she is allowed to use them as she see’s fit, and pack away afterwards.

Here she is with her baking stuff – a little mixing bowl, mini whisk, mini spatula, mini wooden spoon, mini cake tin, small measuring jug, measuring spoons etc

One of the activities she enjoys is using a spoon to transfer ping-pong balls from a bowl into a muffin tin. This incorporates her gross and fine motors skills, problem solving (what happens if the ball falls, if 2 go into 1 compartment etc), numeracy (one ball / compartment).

As part of the Montessori ethos, Skye pours her own drinks and helps to prepare her own food.  Here she is pouring her juice (and she says ‘joooooose’) which is actually rice milk.

Someone asked me the other day how big are Skye’s feet.  She wears a size 3 shoe (when I can get them to stay on her feet!).  I’ve been taking imprints of her feet since newborn so I took a photo of the canvas and measured them.

Newborn – 7.5cm long, 6 months – 8.5cm, 12 months – 10cm, 18 months (not printed yet) – 10.5cm

By Wednesday, Moo was doing a lot better and rushing around outside with the girls in the afternoon.

Our sad news is that last Sunday evening, our kitty was knocked over by a car and severely hurt.  This kitty was a favourite of Skye’s.  He was super patient with her.  He was one of the pair we raised from almost newborn after Brendon found them in a rubbish dump.  Unfortunately, due to the extent of the injuries(broken jaw and shattered pelvis), he had to be put down.  Skye came with me to say goodbye.  She was so gentle with him, holding him and stroking him as he died.

And that’s our week 🙂  ‘See’ you next weekend.


5 thoughts on “Sick :(

  1. Awwww…I feel your pain. Marlow & I also been sick. It’s just horrible…but so happy Skye is now on the mend 🙂

    Funny…I’ve been writing up my next blog entry and it also involves discussing changing around Marlow’s craft tubs so they are more accessible for him…also Montessori influenced. I figured, if he’s doing these things at school, then I really should follow it through at home too. I wish I’d done it sooner…he’s so much more relaxed and loves the fact that he can pack away himself and do a proper tidy up and he can see his achievement 🙂 Happier bubba, happier mama!

    Really sorry about your kitty…it’s always so hard saying goodybye 😦 Lots of hugs to you and Skye x

    • Thanks 🙂

      I’ll take a picture of Skye’s shelf and upload it next week if you show me a picture of yours 😀 I also have my in-laws old coffee table which is perfect height for Skye to do crafts at which will come into good use as she gets older 😀 Have you got a nice shelf/table? If not, have a look here: They’ve got some nice ideas (especially if you have someone handy with a hammer and nails 🙂 )

  2. So sorry about the loss of your kitty!

    I enjoyed learning about the activities you prepare for your little one. Glad she is feeling better… Nothing like having a child sick to make you wish you could do anything to make her all better!

  3. Great post – very interesting to read about the Montessori type activities you do with her! I need to read up more about it, I have a feeling I will like it.

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