Decoding Toddler Talk

Skye speaks a lot now,both in words and baby sign language,we understand most of it,no-one else has a clue besides the obvious!
For example,the subtle difference between ‘whee'(where) and ‘wee'(wee) determine if you will have a wet lap or not. Then you have ‘wow'(poo) and ‘wah'(said when she nearly falls) and of course ‘wah-wah’ (dog). Of course,there’s no mistaking a very firm ‘no’ but sometimes ‘uh-uh’ can mean yes and sometimes no and sometimes it’s just an uh-oh that came out wrong!

In the realm of baby sign’s,the opening and closing fist is used in a manner of different ways to mean ‘milk’ ‘fish’ ‘star’ and ‘hot’ (and probably lots more I’ve forgotten for now).

I love watching her communicate with us and I’m so glad we started using baby sign language,she ‘talks’ so much with her hands and you can see connections forming in her mind.


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