Something old…

I wanted to re-post something I wrote several months ago, it’s still pertinent today 🙂

I like to think that I’m fairly well educated and I enjoy learning new things / concepts / ideas.  I’ve never been one to just ‘follow the rest of the sheep’ and do what is normal orexpected.  I have had quite a few years experience with young children and not everything I have done or been asked to do has felt 100% right to me.  That doesn’t mean that it was wrong, just that it didn’t sit well with ME.  A lot of the things I choose to do with my daughter are not conventional and this does seem to bother a lot of people.

For example, we co-sleep.  I love it.  Not only does it give us a chance to cuddle with my baby, she sleeps a lot better especially now that it is cold at night.  It also means that if she want to nurse I don’t have to get up, we can both do it half asleep and fall asleep again nice and snuggly warm.  She naps in her own bed and 90% of the time goes to be in her own bed joining us at around midnight or 2am when she wakes up cold or lonely or peckish 🙂  I also follow baby-led weaning  (  ) and do baby sign langauge ( ), use cloth nappies ( ) , ‘wear’ baby in a sling and have recently started Elimination Communication or Early Potty Learning with my baby ( ) .

I don’t think there’s a reason I do this except that it feels right to me.  I listen to what my baby has to say and try and follow her needs.  My 7-month old feeds herself.  It is awesome!  I don’t have to cart around specially prepared food or worry about where she will eat.  She sits at the table with us (either on my lap or in a highchair).  She eats whatever we are eating.  She can tell me when she’s hungry, when she’s had enough and when she need to go potty 80 – 90% of the time.  None of this has been ‘forced’ or ‘taught’ in the traditional sense, but gradually learnt by both of us as we grow together.

I practise some form of attachment parenting with all the children I look after.  My biggest ‘ideal’ is responding to children appropriately, quickly and lovingly because to me this is the essence of attachment parenting.  A lot of my charges have been worn in a sling and most have been demand fed, but this doesn’t make me rigid to MY parenting choices and I respect other parents and their choices.  I have worked for parents who parent differently to me and I have always been able to do as they wish whether or not I agree with it.


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